• Be The Blessing (Part 2)


    This is the second half of my previous post, Be the Blessing (Part 1), a thought on 2 Samuel 6: 18-19. The first post was about how, as the church, we are to actually be a blessing to the people around us, not simply only pray with our mouths. “Part 2” comes from the last half of the verses where Scripture reads:

      Then all the people departed, each to his house.

    Wow, I know! Powerful verse eh? The people went home after they received a tangible blessing from King David. That means the people of the day knew that they could go to David when they were in need.  Now think about this in terms of our churches.

    Are people running to us on Sunday screaming, “Hey you Christians, I need help, my life sucks, and I heard your Jesus can help me.” No! People often stay as far away as they can from our churches and us Christians. In our culture churches and Christians are no longer thought of as people who care for the needy, but rather as close minded people who hate gay people and don’t like Obama.  

    So, what do we do? Do we hunker down in our nice expensive buildings and pray that God brings “sinners” to our alters so we can  convert them to our ideology? Nope. We go engage the culture and love people radically and bless them in radical ways, just like Jesus did and trust that the Holy Spirit will change their (and our) hearts.  

    In short, people are not coming to us. We must go to them and meet them on their level with the grace and mercy that Jesus has shown us.