• Lyric of the Week

    In my last post I mentioned that this whole “Lyric of the Week” idea was inspired by one of my favorite song writers, John Mark Mcmillan. So, I figured I would honor one of his lyrics today. It comes from the song “Death In His Grave.”

    On Friday a thief
    On Sunday a King
    Laid down in grief
    But awoke with the keys
    Of Hell on that day
    The man Jesus Christ
    Laid death in his grave

    These are beautiful, fresh lyrics. He takes the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection that has been sung about for generations and used creative, thoughtful language to give it new life. The church sings of this amazing truth every Sunday. It is crucial that we do, but sense we sing about it every Sunday we can become numb to it. Thanks JMM for giving this truth a new flavor and awakening our souls to be aware of the victory we have in Jesus.