• The Lyric of the Week

    A musician who I highly respect as an artist and who’s music I cannot get enough of is John Mark McMillan. If you have not heard his music you need to stop reading this and go buy his album called “The Medicine” and thank me later. On his blog he does a once a week post called “The Lyric of the Week”. I like the idea and I am stealing it from him. I chose a lyric from Mumford and Sons. Another amazing band that you need to check out after you check out JMM. It comes from their song “Roll Away Your Stone”.

    It seems that all my bridges have burned
    But you say ‘That’s exactly how this grace thing works’
    It’s not the long walk home that will change this heart
    But the welcome I receive with the restart

    I love this lyric. There is a beautiful tension in there. Some of us view God as a God of wrath, a very angry God. He has the right to be angry. His crown of creation has turned its back on him and said, “We don’t need you. We can do this life thing better.”

    Very often God lets us go our own way and dig our own grave. He lets us burn our bridges. We deserve to burn with those bridges, yet in his faithfulness he continually welcomes us back with open arms for a new restart. The burning of the bridges and long walk home gives us a chance to think about how we have betrayed our Creator, but it is his welcome home that changes our broken hearts. In life we can burn bridges that have very real and severe consequences here on this earth. But the good news is that we can never burn our bridge to the Father because Jesus has made a way for all who claim his name. To quote John Mark, “The Love of God is stronger than the power of death”. May we all find a restart in our risen Christ.