• Why?

    I already had a blog. So why start a new one? I don’t know. I think tumblr is easier to use than blogspot and word press and looks better and everyone else seems to be doing it. Is that a good reason? Probably not. Call me a follower. I am ok with that.

    The problem with my last blog was that I didn’t really have any thing to blog about. Then this morning in the shower I had an idea (most of my ideas that are worth following through on come to me in the shower. I don’t know why, but they do). I thought I could write a blog about tension. Tension seems to be a big theme in my life. I am not flexible at all. I have a lot of tension in my lower back and neck. I have set a goal that I will be able to touch my toes for the first time in with in a month.

    But this is not the kind of tension I am talking about. I am talking about the tensions we experience in life. As a Christian the more I experience Jesus and His goodness I see how huge this theme of tension is in my life. Lets start with the idea that as Christians we are both saints and sinners both at the same time. I have nothing good to offer God. I am dirty and filthy, yet made glorious and redeemed by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. If I focus on only being a sinner I will get pretty depressed pretty fast. If I focus on only being redeemed and never remember why I had to be redeemed (because I suck at life when left to my own will) I can become puffed up and self righteous. See what I mean. Tension. I have to continually be reminded of both sides so I can remain sober minded about my self and in aw of who Jesus is. 

    I feel like life is a tight rope and by the grace of Jesus I am learning (very, very slowly) how to balance on it. So, in these writings I hope to share how I am navigating the tensions of life. I am not claiming to have any answers. Just thoughts and insights. I hope you can relate and share your thoughts as well. 

    I think the biggest tension is the length of each post. If you are still reading this, congratulations, you have read more that 140 characters and that shows that tv, twitter, and the Internet have not rotted your brain. I could write all day, but will try to keep them short and sweet.