• Who Are Your Band Mates?

    I am sitting in my office/ home studio sipping on some red wine and listening to the new Derek Webb and Sandra McCraken EP while, in the next room, my beautiful bride hammers metal into jewelry (I love my life). While I sit here I am reflecting on the great day of music creating I had with some awesome dudes, musicians, and friends.

    We loaded all of our gear into church at 10 am and then hashed out some great arrangements of some new songs I have been working on. The goal of these songs is to record them for a new EP. We hope to start recording by the end of July. 

    I am very excited for these new songs, but I am almost more excited about the process of bringing them to life than getting them to you. My last record, As You Are, was a total solo project. I wrote, played, and recorded everything on it. It was my baby that I could control. I did have trusted people speak truth into the creative process, but at the end of the day it was just me and my Pro Tools rig, so I got what I wanted when it came to parts and arrangements. What Anthony wanted, Anthony got. I am very proud of that record. It was a year of hard work and it is now a resource for the Church to use in cooperate worship. I listen back at it and have no idea where all that came from. Thanks Holy Spirit.

    This new project is totally different. I have three other talented musicians and friends breathing truth and creativity into the songs. I now have to “fight” for my ideas. It’s no longer centered around my brain and ideas. I have come to the band with the basic songs, but now they get to add their ideas. It is freaking awesome and sucks all at the same time. I am kind of a control freak so letting other people change what I have created is hard.

    Today we worked on a song called “Awake.” It was originally a very peaceful, ambient, artsy song. After an hour of hashing it out with the guys it is now a grooving heavy hitter. I loved it before the band got a hold of it! Now I really love it!

    All of us come from different musical backgrounds and have different ideas for each song. I am excited to see where the other songs end up. It is painful for me, but I know it will be well worth it in the end. I hope we can get to the comfort and respect level with each other to look at each other and say, “Dude, I love you, but that idea is terrible, I know you can do better.”

    Most importantly this project is teaching me bout life and faith. I realized I go at life and my faith alone most of the time. I am learning that the more people I surround my self to sharpen me the more effective I am for Jesus’ mission.

    I’ll leave you with this so I can go get another glass of wine. Who are your band mates?