• The Greatest "Evangelism Tool"

    The greatest “evangelism tool” Jesus has given you is a bath. Seriously, go read John 13. I just read it while sitting in Starbucks (I know… how Christian/pastor like of me) and I was blown away. In John 13 Jesus washes his disciples feet and then tells them to go do the same for each other. Anyone who has ever been on a youth mission trip or church camp or been on any trip with Pastor Mark Schaefer you have heard this story and then awkwardly washed each other’s feet. It is a beautiful example of how we are to serve each other. But, this morning, once again, God showed me how his Word really is living. I have read this passage hundreds of times and this morning I saw it in a completely new light.


    Jesus makes it clear to Peter that if Jesus does not wash him Peter will not belong to Jesus. Once Peter realizes this he says, “Wash all of me!” The foot washing symbolizes the necessary washing for the forgiveness of our sins. This is one powerful bath.  A Jewish man in Jesus’ time understood the idea of washing. They had to wash for every thing so they would be clean and not defile himself or God. So, when Jesus says that they are clean because he has washed them it meant a lot more to them than it might mean to us in America today.

    Now that last paragraph isn’t what rocked me. It is later in chapter 13 starting in verse 13. Jesus says “I washed your feet, now go wash each other’s feet.” Simple right. By the shedding of Jesus’ blood we are now clean and holy before our perfect and holy God. And Jesus says go wash each other’s feet, go share this bath with other people.

    God has saved us through his Son so that we can go share it with the world. Jesus didn’t wash the disciples’ feet and then tell them to hang out and talk about how clean they are. No! He said get your butts out there and do the same for other people.

    I have been taught that this passage is an example of how to serve each other, which I know it is. But today I am convicted that the greatest way I can serve someone is to actually tell them what Jesus has done for my eternity.  I have known this in my head and have been teaching this for years, but it really hit me in my heart this morning. It was a great reminder.

    So, the next time some one asks me about my faith or why I am a Christian, I can simply say, “Because Jesus gave me a really awesome bath.” I am sure they will look at me in a confused even awkward way. That is ok