• Reckless

    I just spent 12 days biking through the mountains of Pennsylvania with 20 plus crazy teenagers. We biked from church to church and each night we put on a concert for the community. Through, music, puppets, and personal stories we shared the Gospel to a few hundred people. I pray we changed lives, I pray that we encouraged people to trust and love Jesus with everything they have. I pray that everyone we met heard that Jesus loves them deeply, freely and immensely. 

    Our last song of the concert was called “Reckless” by Jeremy Camp. I admit, I am not a huge fan of Christian pop rock. When I first heard the song I thought, “Eww, this song is LAME!” But after singing it for 12 nights it started to take hold of my heart and all of the hearts of the kids I was with. They turned that vanilla pop rock tune into a passionate life changing prayer. The chorus goes:

    I wanna be reckless
    Cause you are endless
    I wanna be shameless
    And shout your greatness
    I will not be afraid
    To surrender my way
    And follow who you are
    I wanna be reckless

    On a page those are nice words that you may find inspiring. But when those words are lived out the world begins to change and look a little bit more like heaven. And that is what started to happen in the lives of these kids.

    There was one teenager on our tour who realized she need to make some drastic reckless changes in her life to follow Jesus. She realized that the road she was on was leading her no where. So, what did she do? She got home last night and quit her job, told her parents and everyone in her life that she is moving to Ohio to move in with a Christian mentor and start following Jesus with everything she has.

    Is she scared sh**less? You bet ya! Does she have a clue about what is going to happen in a week from now let alone 6 months from now? No way! But does she believe Jesus promises to take care of her when she recklessly follows him?  With out a doubt!

    We had another guy decide we was being called to do the same thing, to walk away from everything he was comfortable with and recklessly follow Jesus. He called his boss to let her know he was not coming back and had to quit because Jesus is leading him somewhere else. Do you know what his boss said? “I knew God had bigger plans for you. Follow Him and you still have a job here if need be." 

    It’s not always as huge as that. We have kids who realized that the way they use their words at home do nothing but tear other kids down, so they are going to hold each other accountable to using their words to build up and love people for the sake of Jesus.

    We had kids admitting that they are addicted to porn and decided to get Godly mentors to walk them through recovery. These are people from the ages of 15-20 people! These kids have been wrecked by Jesus. 

    These kids have inspired me because they have heard the voice of God through his Word and have made the choice to responded to it. I hear His voice all the time and actively chose to blow Him off because I care more about my comforts, wants, and desires and because I am lazy.

    Where is Jesus asking you to recklessly follow Him? Have you ever even asked Him that questions? If not, try asking Him right now, and see what He says.

    I triple dog dare you.

    Please, share what you feel him prompting you to do for His glory.