• Where I have Been The Last Week

    Hello Friends,

    So, some of you know that I have been in the hospital for the last 8 days. I was admitted last Monday evening because I have rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdo what?! Here is a link to explain it. Basically it is where you muscles break down at the cellular level and get into your blood stream and that is not good.  Last Saturday I did an intense work out that included a 1mile run 100 pull-ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats and another 1 mile run. Long story short my body let me know that it did not appreciate what I had put it through. Saturday afternoon I was sore, which I am use to with CrossFit. Sunday I was really sore and my arms were tightening up. I thought I that was normal since I did 100 pull-ups. Monday I could not straighten my arms and was in the worst pain of my life.

    I was already familiar with rhabdo and knew the symptoms. I finally decided to go to the ER because rhabdo can shut down your kidneys. Thank God my kidneys are perfectly fine. The reason I have been in the hospital is to get my CPK level down to normal. Normal levels are around 100. Mine peaked at 67,000. Yes, six seven zero zero zero. Needless to say I was/am very sick. I have been hooked up to a saline drip since Monday night. I am getting about 200-275ml per hour. The swelling in my arms is going down. I no longer look like Popeye. I was thinking of getting an anchor tattoo on my forearm if it didn’t go down. Maybe I still will to remind me to not over do it:) My abdomen is nice and swollen due to all the fluids I am on. Tanya laughs when I take my shirt off. She says I jiggle. I can almost straighten my arms all the way. And I am peeing about 20-30 oz an hour. The good news is that my CPK levels have been constantly dropping every day. Once I hit 5,000 i can go home and then start a slow long road to full recovery.

    I just want to get this out there. I do not blame CrossFit or my coaches for this. I have been doing CrossFit for nearly two years and have seen great gains in my overall health and fitness. I had been educated about rhabdo from my coaches and at my CrossFit cert. class. I knew it was a risk and I chose to continue with the program. Just like any activity that gives results means there will be risks associated with it. I know my body and the movements I was doing that day. They were nothing new to me. That day I hit the red line and now I am paying for it. It was not my coaches fault or the programs fault. There were other dudes that did the same work out at the same intensity that are less fit than me and did not get sick like I did. I am not trying to defend CrossFit (maybe I am). But the truth is that I will return to it but very slowly and with great patience. I have seen the program change lives, including mine. The community alone is a blessing. I have had tons of people from my gym visit me in the hospital, say they are praying for me and cheering me on. It comes down to that I over did it and it is on me. If you do CrossFit or any intense exercise LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR! I didn’t and now I have to pay for it. AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!!!

    Now that I got that out there I have also learned some spiritual stuff from this. CrossFit was becoming an idol. As much as I love the sport and the people, I was making a good thing into a God thing. I was worshiping the created rather than the creator. Romans 1:25.

    Tanya called me out on it like a good wife should. While I was on my hospital bed she said she has noticed that I have been watching and listening to more CrossFit stuff than sermons and Bible stuff. I hate that she is right. It was really hard to swallow that truth. I don’t want to admit it but CrossFit was taking over in an unhealthy way. Anything we do and are passionate about can easily become our God.

    Sports, money, relationships, food, religious activities. They are all gifts from God, but once they become our god, the one true God will quickly remove them from us because he is a jealous God and wants all of our adoration and affection. And He deserves it. He gave me a body that can do amazing things. But was I using it for His glory or simply to get stronger and faster? I am still wrestling through that.

    I also realized that my other gifts were taking a back seat. I have not been putting as much time and energy into my music. He convicted me last night that I need to focus on my music in this season. I think he is using this to tech me patience, to reevaluate my priorities and to surrender my life to Him.

    I want to be a well rounded person. I want to enjoy all parts of life. Really, that is what CrossFit is about. It is about being healthy and fit so that you can enjoy all aspects of life. I let it go to far and now I am going to take this lesson and move on with the grace of Jesus moving me on. I appreciate the prayers and words of encouragement. 

    Also, I would like to thank God for Netflix. With out it I would have gone insane. I have watched 27 episodes of Prison Break.