• "Your Love" (Deity Adultery)

    Attention: If you are my grandmother or someone’s grandmother I apologize in advance for the bluntness of the following post. (It’s Biblical)

    In the sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel the word “whore” or “whoring” is used 10 times. Don’t jude me, it’s in the Bible. And the word “whore” is not being used to describe prostitutes who work the street. Whore is being used to describe God’s chosen people! God’s prophet is using the idea of a whore to describe you and me! (Again, don’t judge me, it’s in the Bible!) If I am honest with my self the chapter is a brutally honest description of my life. This passage is the heart of my song “Your Love.”

    One of the greatest analogies God uses through out the Scriptures to describe his relationship with his people is the covenant of marriage. Sadly, the analogy is normally dealing with God’s faithfulness to this covenant and our lustful adultery.

    The first verse of my song is “I am unfaithful with wondering eyes, I’m always searching for lovers less wild, I’ve tasted your love on my tongue and my lips, still I’m seduced with less beautiful scents.

    The chapter in Ezekiel is beautifully honest and terribly painful. God dressed his bride up in the most beautiful and magnificent gowns and jewels known to man, he gave her the desires of her heart. And what does she do? She goes and prostitutes her self to worldly idols. Her every need and desire was met, yet she chose to give her self up to lust, she invited it from every direction, pure passion. Everything was free game.

    We are no different. God has blessed us beyond belief, yet we are daily whoring ourselves to this world. We always want more, we always are looking for the next quick fix to our lustful passions. 

    The chorus of my song says, “Your love is always faithful, your love is always secure, your love is never ending it, never fails, your love is always patient, your love is always kind, your love is never ending, it never fails.

    I am a whoring prostitute but God is a faithful groom. Ezekiel sixteen goes on to say that God will remember his covenant with his people and atone for all that we have done. 

    This is pure grace. God has the right to leave us on the street beaten and bloody by the sin we lust after, yet he remembers his people and he is faithful to his promise.

    He sent Jesus.

    While we were whoring ourselves around with other lovers the Father sent his perfect Son to bare our punishment. Christ is the groom and has adorned us (his bride) with his righteousness. The Father no longer looks at us and sees unfaithful lovers. No! He looks at us and sees his perfect and holy son and is well pleased with the work that Chris has accomplished on the cross! 

    The bridge of my song says, ”Give me eyes only for you, give me a heart that breaks for you, consume my mind with thoughts of you and your perfect love.“ 

    May that be our hearts prayer and desire, that we have eyes for Christ alone. We will be tempted daily to chase other lovers, but I pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit that we fight the good fight and look to Christ for our righteousness. All glory be to our faithful Father who has sent his son to live, die, and rise from the grave so that we may be saved. Go and share this love story with the world.