• A prayer

    I read this prayer at The Station this week and several people asked me to post it. Here it is.

    Truth In Jesus
    Adopted from “The Valley of Vision”

    Life- Giving God

    Quicken me to call upon your name, for my mind is ignorant
    My thoughts are wondering, my desires are earthly, my heart is unbelieving
    And only your Spirit can help my soul’s sickness

    I approach you as Father and Friend
    You are my helper forever, my exceeding joy
    The strength of my heart

    I believe you are the God of everything
    The creator and sustainer
    The sender of Jesus my savior

    My guilty fears discourage me from running to you when I am in need
    But I praise you for the amazing news that Jesus has made our relationship right again,
    That I no longer need to fear you

    May the truth that is in Jesus Christ
    Out shine all the darkness that is within my heart, mind, body and soul
    May your truth wipe out all the doubt I have
    Accomplish your good work through me

    I pass through a vale of tears
    But thank you for opening the gates of glory at the end
    Allow me to see that you are better than anything in this world
    And prepare me for every hardship I will come across in this life
    Guide me with your Word and let no sin control me

    Teach me that Christ cannot be the way if my glory is the end goal
    That He cannot be Redeemer if I am my own savior
    That there can be no union with Christ if I worship created things
    Teach me Father that faith accepts Jesus as redeemer and Lord or nothing at all.