• Story Behind the Song: I Adore You

    I Adore You was the first song I recorded for the record. I bought my first electric guitar on New Years Day of 2010 off ebay for $300 and when I got it a week later I recorded I Adore You. It sounded pretty good and I discovered I could actually play electric guitar. That is when I decided to do the record on my own. That started the yearlong process of writing, recording, and learning about Pro Tools.

    That is the nuts and bolts behind the song, but the lyrics are my favorite part of the song. It is a song that was written out of brokenness and a longing to trust God even in the hard times. As I walk with Jesus I am learning more and more every day that the hard times in my life are the times that push me closer and closer to Jesus. It is easy to say “I Adore You Jesus” when life is great. The prayer of this song is that I can still say “I Adore You Jesus” even when life sucks. God will use those moments for his glory. When we are suffering but still proclaim God’s goodness that is when the world around us will take note. That is when we can make much of Him.

     Make much of him in all you do.