• 60 Day Paleo Challenge

    For those of you asking about the “60 Day Paleo Challenge” here is what it is about. My friends from my  CrossFit Box are doing this together to get ready for the summer and just be healthier. Paleo is not a diet but more of a life style. I already eat this way about 80 percent of the time, but I am going to commit to it for 60 days. Here are some websites that explain Paleo and have some recipies.

    Here is the document we have going for our “team.”

    After some discussion today at 0815 we have come up with some new guidelines, so please disregard my first message!

    -       $150 Buy-in ($50 automatically goes to the winner and you personally have a chance to win your other $100 back) I will explain further down.

    Ways we are being measured for the grand prize:

    -       Photo (pre/post)

    -       Helen (pre/post % improvement)

    We will be doing Helen as our gym workout on Tuesday, March 20th:

    3 RFT

    400 m run

    21 KB swings

    12 Pull-ups
    Way you will be measured for your personal goal in which you can win your $100 back (therefore you are only out $50)

    -       Weight

    -       % Body Fat

    -       After those two are measured by Cory or Kahle they will come up with our individual goal of how much weight we should lose and how much % body fat

    The reason for the buy-in increase is because Kahle mentioned that if its only $50 and you happen to cheat on your diet one weekend you are more opt to say “I give up” rather than if its $150 you are more likely to stick with it and succeed!

    The challenge starts on Monday, March 19th and will end on May 17thso if you are going to join us in this fun challenge please bring me your money by the end of next week. (Cash preferred, I will bring extra envelopes). Also we will be taking our pre-photo pictures on Monday (19th) or Tuesday (20th) so please bring the following:

    -       Ladies: Swim suit (bikini) or sports bra and shorts that you can pull up and see your thighs

    -       Men: You are easy… Shorts!

    If you don’t go to our gym but are interested in this let me know. I bet we could make something work.