• Once For All EP

    Well Friends, today is the day! My new EP, “Once For All” is out for your listening pleasure. The best part is that is free! That is right you can go download it for free at This EP is only available in digital format. Sorry for those of you who still like to hold a physical object in your hands. You can burn a CD and stare at it all day long, then lose it or scratch it.

    First, I want to thank everyone who contributed their time and talent to this project.

    Thanks to Matt Boswell. Matt is the Worship Pastor at Providence Church in Frisco, Tx and is a staff writer for Word Music. Matt co-wrote the title track, “Once for All,” with me well over a year ago. I first met Matt at a song writing conference in Missouri a few years ago. I was blown away by his song writing, but even more by his love for Jesus. I brought the melody and changes to him with some pretty awful lyrics. Matt brought his hymn style writing to the melody and blew me away with what he brought to the table. We spent a few hours working on it then wrestled over weather it needed a bridge or not. After several attempts we left it as is. This is my favorite text out of any song I have released to date. Thanks Matt for contributing to this project! I can’t wait to hear your version.

    Thanks to Aubrey McGowan. Aubrey is the Worship Pastor at Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX. Aubrey co-wrote “Let Your Kingdom Come” with me. I brought him the basic layout of the song and he took the chorus and bridge to a new level. He also sang all of the harmonies on this track. He has some pipes!  I am thankful for his love for the local church and dedication to the craft of song writing. Thanks brother! Let’s get some Randy Whites soon!

    Thanks to Mark Hampton. Mark and I met on Craigslist a few years ago. That is another story for another day. Mark played mandolin on the acoustic version of “Once for All.” He is one heck of a player! He is also moving to India in a few weeks for six months to serve as a missionary there. He is six feet tall with bright red hair and a huge red beard. He will blend in with no problem. Keep him in your prayers. Love you dude!

    Thanks to Emily Roller. Emily sings and plays keys with me at church. She sang on my last record and makes everything sound way better. Her harmony part on the acoustic version of “Once for All” is killer. I think she heard it once then laid down the part in two takes. Great job Emily. Tanya and I love you, Shawn, and Judah.

    Thanks to John Slaten. Slaten is a dear friend of mine with an amazing ability to grow a beard and play guitar, all at the same time. John and I met a few years back at coffee shop and the rest is history. He added some guitar parts on “Let Your Kingdom Come.” He is also playing guitar on my next EP and even wrote one of the songs on it. He is also the guitar player for the praise band at Water’s Edge of Allen. Bruiser says “Hi, Uncle John.”

    Last but not least, thanks to Chase Jacobs. He is my best friend and a dang good graphic artist and an all around Godly man. He made the sweet cover art. Love you brother. Can’t wait for your wedding!

    The funny thing is that this EP was not planned. I was actually writing for a new and different EP (which is being recorded right now). These songs were songs that didn’t make it on my last full length, or did not fit on the other EP.  I started making some demos then realized I had a good little EP on my hands. It was fun to collaborate with everyone on this project. My last full length was totally solo. I did everything by myself. It was a breath of fresh air to have other people speak into it.

    The other huge difference on this project is that I tracked, mixed, and mastered the entire thing in my home studio. I was originally going to have other people do it, but due to a lack of money (making a record is expensive!) and time (everyone was already booked through the new year) I was forced to do it myself. I am very happy with how it turned out. I discovered a new love and that is mixing. I hope to grow in this skill and start mixing other people’s music as well.

    Also, since I mixed and mastered it I don’t owe anyone any money so that is why I am able to give it away for free. So, your welcome haha!

    No, actually thank you for all of your love and support. May these songs point you to Jesus. Know that you are loved and redeemed by the King. Jesus is greater than all of our sin. Amen. Merry Christmas.