• What The Church Can Learn From Crossfit

    If you have had any conversation with me in the past two months you know I am obsessed with Crossfit. I joined my gym about two months ago and haven’t looked back.

    This morning we had a hell of a work out. It was one of those that everyone was just about to hit their breaking point mentally and physically. It consisted of 80 pull ups, 150 push ups, 240 squats, and 1,200 meters of rowing. That was after a good 20 minutes of squatting 115 pounds. But as I was leaving a saw a beautiful picture of what the church should look like.

    There was one lady who was finishing her work out. She was the last one to finish. She is no slacker by any means. She has whooped my butt many times in previous workouts. But today she was struggling to finish. Then, two of the other ladies that had already finished several minutes before her got on the row machines next to her and finished the last 300 meters with her. They were both physically and mentally shot from their work out, but they saw their friend was not done and needed encouragement. They died to their selves, got next to her and cheered her on, not just cheered her on, but did the work with her! (I was laying down praying I wouldn’t throw up)

    Why did they do that?

    Because they saw their friend struggling and knew that she needed the support. They had been through the pain and survived and knew that she could finish as well. I believe the other reason they got back on the machines with their friend was because she had done the very same thing for them before. Actually she had done it for me just a few weeks ago. 

    I am blown away by the support and community I see in my gym. You want to see Galatians 2:6 being lived out everyday come to my gym. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t have people cheering me on when I want to quit and throw up.

    There are guys and gals there who’s warm up weight is my max. There are ladies who just had a baby. There are guys there who haven’t been in a gym since high school, or ever. Our community is so diverse. But we all have a common goal, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure that every one hits that goal. It isn’t always fun having a big sweaty guy screaming at me to do one more squat or one more lap, but when I am done I am thankful that he pushed me. They see the potential in me and draw it out of me. Why? Because some one drew it out of them.

    The church can learn from this. The church needs to learn from this. Are we living life together in a way that is drawing the God given potential out of each other? Or, are we simply saying “I will pray for you” when life sucks and then walking away. How about we pray for them AND then roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches of life with them, even if we are tired and worn out?

    Since I have been there any new person I have seen come in is back the next day, and the next, and the next. Why? Because they are attracted to it, they are drawn into it. They realize they need it.  Anyone can do most of our workouts at home in their garage. But we all know that with out each other we won’t get it done. The community is what makes Crossfit so special, not the crazy work out.

    It is the community that makes the church beautiful and attractive. That community is found in Jesus. It is not about the polished Sunday experience or shiny plastic smiles that people are longing for. They are longing to be accepted and then stretched.

    I could go to 24 hour Fitness and have nicer facilities; it even would save me a good chunk of change each month. But I wouldn’t experience transformation. It is in community that I experience transformation.

    It is in the church that we encounter Jesus and are transformed more into his image. So, lets be the church. By the grace of Jesus may our communities be attractive and transforming. 

    Here is a link to my gym.